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 Cooling and heating systems reliably against corrosion: Antifrogens
Glycol based and potassium formate based solutions for heat transfer fluids and heating and cooling systems;
Antifrogen products are versatile heat transfer fluids based on glycols (Antifrogen N, Antifrogen L and Antifrogen SOL) and/or potassium formate (Antifrogen KF). All types offer reliable freezing protection and protect your cooling and heating systems reliably against corrosion.

For additional information regarding our products and your applications, please consult our technical and safety information sheets.

Antifrogen products can be used for: .

  • Antifrogen HakkındaCentral heating
  • Floor heating
  • Heat pumps
  • Heat recuperation
  • Cooling systems
  • Solar heating systems
  • Leak detection fluids
  • Fire extinguishing materials
Our product range can be distinguished in terms of the temperature used in the application. .

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